Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions regarding coaching in general and directly working with me. If you did not find the answer to your question, you can ask it in the form on this page. I will be glad to answer it!
The session lasts 45-50 minutes.
Yes. The result is guaranteed
I conduct coaching sessions with clients aged 15 and over. Minors require parental consent. Joint sessions with parents are also possible
Yes, I strictly respect confidentiality.
Sometimes there are problems that are psychological in nature (for example, phobias, personality disorders). My psychological education will help to identify the problem and give recommendations. In such cases, I recommend contacting a psychotherapist. It is also possible to work in the triad psychologist-client-coach
A session with a coach is a confidential conversation. Based on the request, with the help of precise questions, the coach directs you to find the very solution for which you came.
This is a fairly common situation. I will help you understand what you need and specify the problem, turning it into a solvable problem. It also happens that the request with which the client came is changed / corrected at the beginning of the session
1 session - one request. Efficiency is achieved, among other things, by focusing on one problem.
The request must be realistic (we cannot get the moon from the sky). Ecological
On average, work lasts 3-5 sessions. The frequency of meetings is set individually. Sometimes 1-2 sessions are enough. It is also possible to work until the result is achieved in cases where the task is complex and multi-stage. We discuss an individual work plan with each client, based on his situation.
One of the valuable qualities of coaching is that the coach will not make decisions for the client and give advice. With the help of coaching, the client finds solutions within himself!
In the form you can ask your question, and I will answer you as soon as possible. In the text field, in addition to the question, you can also specify a convenient way to get an answer (e-mail, messengers).